Bilateral school partnerships



      Project summary

    The topic of our project is All the world's a stage and we want to focus on different roles that all of us perform in our lives. The areas we chose are based on a students' interests survey which outlined the main fields of students' preferences: fashion, music, films, customs, teenage lifestyle. During the two-year period teenagers will do researches on these themes and prepare presentations and portfolios on school life, customs and traditions and work on bilingual vocabulary. Teenage production units will be established in both schools in order to design fashion for young people and make screenplays for films. Students will conduct surveys in order to produce Top Ten Musical Charts. They will be involved in team formations like workshops and studios to fulfil the tasks. Both schools will collaborate on writing a play on school life and performing it at the final meeting.
Throughout the whole period students will share experiences and results by taking part in video conferences.
      This Partnership will facilitate the teaching and learning process in our communities through cooperation. We will involve drama techniques in the classroom and school life. We will perform in our national languages and in English. Developing  language skills will be an essential part of our work.
      Wide range of activities will enable all students to try different roles like leaders and team workers, designers, artists, film and theatre directors, actors, editors, reporters, writers, etc. The project reflects all horizontal issues and ensures developing of the key competences. It will be closely integrated into the school curriculum and will involve active participation of the whole school community, parents and other partners. The results will be widely disseminated.

The project is financed by the European Commission within the framework of Comenius LLP Programme.

The Europeam Commission and the National Agency are not held responsible for the contents of the published materials and the use of them.


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